Concrete Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is one of the latest techniques utilized in the location of metallic and non-metallic objects buried in the ground. Location of underground facilities such as tanks, drums, utilities, graves, tunnels, rocks and voids can be readily accomplished by the use of this technique.

GPR operates by indicating the location of subsurface anomalies. A radar signal is sent into the ground via a transmitter. A portion of the signal will be reflected from the subsurface material which is recorded with a receiver.

We have conducted several underground utility projects ranging from the location of deep horizontal bored facilities crossing major freeways for public agencies, to airport  remodeling projects, to grave surveys, to blind search of facilities with no as-build information and utility locating projects for small and large jobs. Exposure and involvement with several projects have forged on us a clear understanding of the advantages of GPR in the underground world.



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GPR Brochure

GPR Brochure