Vacuum Excavation (Potholing)

After underground utilities are electronically designated, the next stage in data reliability related to ASCE 38-02 Quality Level A, is obtained by Vacuum excavation, also known as, potholing.


Bess Testlab, Inc., uses Non-Destructive Air-vacuum Excavation (potholing) to expose the utilities being surveyed to determine their exact depth and location. Precisely locating underground utilities help the designers plan their construction project to eliminate potential damage and unnecessary relocations.


The vacuum excavation technique is used not only to expose utilities but also for other uses that are benefited by the non-invasive and environmentally friendly technology. The following are some of the additional applications:

  • Slot trenching
  • Sign & pole installation
  • Digging for the installation of Devices for Cathodic Protection
  • Mud removal
  • Remote digging (400 ft reach)
  • Water removal from catch basins, manholes, meter boxes and utility vaults
  • Excavation around tree roots
  • Rail road tie clean outs.
  • Pond excavation
  • Elevator shaft cleanouts

Bess Downloads

Potholing Brochure

Potholing Brochure